Perhaps you were born for such a time as this?

Perhaps you were born for such a time as this?

In the story of Esther in the bible, this question is posed, and it’s truly one that captivates my soul. Perhaps you were born for such a time as this? Have you ever thought of that? What are the chances of you, one, even being born? It’s actually hard to be born. Then, what are the chances of you being born right now, for this moment, for every moment you will experience in your life. I’ve heard a lot of people say they were born in the wrong generation, in the wrong time period….but were we? What if this generation, this time period, this moment in time was gifted to us. Times are hard, but what that makes me believe is that we are strong. We are the chosen ones for these tough times. We are the ones put in charge of making change. That’s real. Let me say that again. We are the chosen ones. You are the chosen one. While that may sound scary it should also sound empowering. God saw something in us, in each and every single one of us, even more so God specifically made us for this moment. This is something incredibly important to remember given we live in a time where all you have to do is look around once and you feel overwhelmed with the need in the world. If you look around long enough you feel like you’re suffocating. It’s easy to feel so overwhelmed that you feel like your actions or contributions don’t matter…but they do. We were all created so incredibly different, so incredibly unique, specifically for this reason. There is SO much need, so much heartache, so much injustice in the world and we all have our niche. We all have something that calls to our hearts just a little bit more than everything else. We all have that thing that just pulls on the heartstrings of our soul. That’s a gift, that’s for a reason. If we all had the same passions we wouldn’t be able to help the world fully, but we don’t we are all different. I hope when I look at the issues at my job, at the issues amongst friends, at the issues in society, at the issues of the nation, of the world, that I remember that I was born for such a time as this. Sheesh what if we all lived like that? How different would life be? You were born, with your dreams, with your passions, with your gifts to help the world today. Wherever you live, wherever you are or find yourself, that place is yours as is the moment. Don’t spend another moment thinking that a different decade or generation was “yours,” trust, it wasn’t. I hope today you can echo this question in your heart…. perhaps I was born for such a time as this?