May 8th, 2018 – My 27th Birthday

—– Written on May 8th, published on May 9th

Today, I turn 27. Which means…..obviously, that it’s my birthday y’all WOOT WOOT!!! YASSS!!!! Celebrations are in order. I’ve had the most amazing day possible I just can’t even begin to thank God for how awesome my birthday has been. I can’t help but to want to spend today thinking about all of the incredible people I have around me. I just can’t even begin to wrap my head around how loved I feel. I hope I never forget today. I hope I never forget having the best boyfriend in the world….having the best family in the world…having the most thoughtful people at work in the world.

This morning I just wanted to cry….well I did cry, but tears of joy. I always dreamt of nothing more than waking up to love and celebration, and that’s exactly what I got today. My beautiful boyfriend woke me up with a candle to be blown out, a hug, a kiss, gifts, and just thoughtful, loving everything. And my family so wonderfully mailed everything and called just to make sure they had expressed their wishes and love. Even though my family is spread so far apart, they felt so incredibly close today.

I am so excited to be 27. I have such great feelings about this year and about my life. I can’t wait to take this year by storm and continue to fight with all of me for a great, abounding, amazingly BIG life.