#JCarReads | Something in the Water

something in the water catherine steadman.jpg

LORDTTTTTT, y’all….when I tell you THIS BOOK is WILD. If you’re looking for a mystery, a somewhat thriller, a showstopper, then this book is it. I wanted to take a break from non-fiction for a bit and really just experience the feeling of getting sucked into a story beyond real life again and this was the perfect book to do that with. I first heard about it because it was on Reese Witherspoon’s book club. You can check out the entire list by clicking here. What’s cool about Reese’s Book Club is that she tends to pick books centered around women and their complex yet amazing stories, so if you’re into allllll of that then this list is great. You can take a gander at this book in paperback or through audible, it would have the same effect in both. Without spilling too many details this book is about a young couple in London who after getting married embark on their honeymoon. Let’s just say that on their honeymoon they encounter way more than they bargained for and it all spurs a series of events that change both of the couple’s lives forever. This book surprised me, scared me, had me at the edge of my seat and of course had me yelling at the main character sometimes. It got me involved and had me constantly forming my own opinions which in my opinion is a sign of a truly interactive book. If you’re looking for a fun, thrilling non-fiction read please do yourself a favor and pick this up.


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