About Beauty + Intellect

The Beauty + Intellect Dream: My dream is to create spaces in various different forms where women can feel beautiful + smart. My dream is that in those spaces women also find mentors, both virtual and physical, for beauty, life and career matters. In those spaces I hope women encounter books, articles, people and information that fuel their mind and leave them intellectually inspired. Lastly, my dream is that beauty + intellect, in all these spaces, spreads awareness on beauty + intellect women’s issues in order to create a better world for the women of tomorrow.

Beauty + Intellect Spaces: The blog

This blog is just one of many dreamt up spaces. It is my hope that this blog is….

….a collection of stories and thoughts drawn from my own life story.
…a place where you can come for beauty advice, good reads, encouragement and knowledge.
…an ever-evolving piece of art intended to inspire, as well as showcase women who are just flat out amazing and are using their lives to highlight their
beauty + intellect.

By exposing myself in my most raw form and drawing on amazing women from all walks of life and all trains of thought,
I hope to inspire women to nourish the
beauty + intellect 
they have within them.

Every woman is beautiful
and is meant to explore her beauty. I hope to explore that realm of womanhood with you by sharing what moves me and other women I come to meet.

Every woman also has insanely moving intellectual ideas
and thoughts that are revolutionary and meant to change the world. I hope to highlight those thoughts among women to show the world and the generations of today and tomorrow that

Beauty + Brains are NOT Mutually Exclusive and are ours to own and love...